Automatic tea bag Packaging Machine with thread , tag and outer wrapper TB-01

Purpose: The machine is suitable for packing broken herbs, broken tea, coffee granules and other granule products. Features 1. The machine is a kind of newly-design by heat sealing type, multifunctional and fully automatic packaging equipment. 2. The highlight of this unit is the fully automatic package for both inner and outer bags in a single pass on the same machine, to avoid direct touch with the stuffing materials and meanwhile improve the efficiency. 3. PLC control and High-grade touch screen for easy adjustment of any parameters 4.  Fully stainless steel structure to meet QS standard. 5. The inner bag is made of filter cotton paper. 6. The outer bag is made of laminated film 7. Advantages: photocell eyes to control the positioning for the tag and outer bag; 8. Optional adjustment to filling volume, inner bag, outer bag and tag; 9. It can adjust the size of inner bag and outer bag as request of customers, and eventually achieve the ideal package quality so as to upgrade the sales value for your goods and then bring more benefits. Usable Material: Heat-Seable laminated film or paper, filter cotton paper, cotton thread, tag paper Technical parameters
Tag size W40-55mm     L:15-20mm
Thread length 155mm
Inner bag size W50-80mm     L:50-75mm
Outer bag size W:70-90mm     L:80-120mm
Measuring range 1-5 (Max)
Capacity 30-60 (bags/min)
Total power  3.7KW
Machine size(L*W*H) 1000*800*1650mm
Machine Weight 500Kg


Professional export standard packaging.wooden pallets, wooden boxes with fumigation inspection. It is reliable to ensure the safety during transportation.

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Certificate of Origin, COC Inspect certificate, ISO quality certificate, CE related certificates.

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1.Professional customized services. 

2.More than 10 years of tea machinery industry exporting experience. 3.More than 20 years of tea machinery industry manufacturing experience

4.Complete supply chain of tea industry machinery.

5.All machines will do continuous testing and debugging before leaving the factory. 6.Machine transport is in standard export wooden box/ pallet packaging. 7.If you encounter machine problems during use,engineers can remotely instruct how to operate and solve the problem . 8.Building the local service network in the world's major tea producing areas. We can also provide local installation services,  need to charge necessary cost.

9.The whole machine is with one year warranty.

Green tea processing: Fresh tea leaves → Spreading and Withering → De-enzyming→ Cooling →Moisture regaining→First rolling →Ball breaking → Second rolling→ Ball breaking →First drying → Cooling →Second-drying →Grading&Sorting →Packaging   Black tea processing: Fresh tea leaves →  Withering→ Rolling →Ball breaking →Fermenting → First drying → Cooling →Second-drying →Grading&Sorting →Packaging Oolong tea processing: Fresh tea leaves → Shelves for loading the withering trays→Mechanical shaking  → Panning →Oolong tea-type rolling  → Tea compressing & modeling →Machine of ball rolling-in-cloth under two steel plates→Mass breaking (or disintegrating) machine →Machine of ball rolling-in-cloth(or Machine of canvas wrapping rolling)  → Large-type automatic tea dryer →Electric roasting machine→ Tea Leaf Grading&Tea stalk Sorting→packaging Tea Packaging : Packing material size of Tea bag packaging machine inner filter paper : width 125mm→outer wrapper: width :160mm 145mm→width:160mm/170mm Packing material size of pyramid Tea bag packaging machine inner filter nylon: width:120mm/140mm→outer wrapper: 160mm

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